Marc Anthony Clothing Line

We are all aware of the¬†existence¬†of Avril Lavigne’s clothes line and the J.Lo collection at Kohl’s but did you know that her former better half has also a clothing line at Kohl’s? In fact, J.Lo and Marc Anthony launched both of their lines simultaneously at Kohl’s New York. The buzz is all about J.Lo since she is the more visible one and she had the women’s market but Marc Anthony’s line is also getting warm reception from the men.

Marc Anthony Collection is a moderately-priced clothing which ranges from $20 to the most expensive around $250. The clothing line offers jeans, sportswear, leather jackets, coats, shirts, shoes and accessories. Unlike other top celebrity brand names which prices are ridiculous, Marc Anthony’s line fits with the tight budget moms planning to buy their teen sons or young adult men going independent.

Marc Anthony’s approach is about sophistication and looking expensive for the price of less. He had laid back shirts, glossy ties, formal shoes and great looking sun glasses. Just this year, Marc Anthony released the Summer 2012: Smooth Sophistication which features linen pants that are great for laid back outing, tees and jackets perfect for Sundays, Casual wear for work and for Friday nights and coat and ties perfect for looking impressive during job interviews.

Do not get intimidated with the celebrity name of the clothing line or the fact that it was launched together with J.Lo’s line. Kohl’s made an statement that Marc Anthony’s collection is a separate fashion wear to J.Lo’s branding. You can visit any Kohl’s department store or shop online via their website.

When shopping online, make sure to check out Kohl’s coupon codes to receive amazing discounts from all top brands including Marc Anthony’s collection.

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